Munchkin tri flow nipple system -Wide Mouth bottle

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Make bottle feeding a more natural experience for mom and baby. Tri-flow is the only system that adjusts to match mother's flow and baby's changing needs. Ideal for moms planning to switch between breast and bottle feeding. Helps reduce gas and nipple confusion. Convenient and economical.
Includes a sealing disk for airtight milk storage.
1 nipple / 3 flow rates:
Slow Speed : 0-3 months
Medium Speed : 3-6 months
Fast Speed : 6+ months
  • 9 oz. Wide mouth bottle
  • 1 nipple / 3 flow rates
  • Compatible with AVENT bottles!
  • Adjusts to match your growing baby's needs
  • Wide, soft nipple promotes natural latch-on and suckling.
  • Unique Tri-Flow design reduces gas and nipple confusion
  • Wide mouth design makes filling and cleaning easier