Munchkin Bubble Bestie Elephant Bubbler Bath Toy

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Elephants and bubbles have universal appeal, and there's nothing sweeter than an elephant blowing bubbles through its trunk. Meet bubble bestie -- your little one's favorite new bath BFF! This adorable elephant toy is toddler-operated and toddler-approved: just wet the cloth, add soap or shampoo, and blow through the one-way mouthpiece to create a magical bubble stream. Cleverly designed to let bubbles blow out of the trunk without getting sucked in, this adorable bath Bubbler safely teaches cause and effect and helps kids practice hand-eye coordination, too. Its ring-shaped body is easy for children to hold, and with no batteries or electronic components to replace, bubble bestie will always be there for your little one. Talk about good, clean, bubbly fun in the tub!
  • Adorable bath friendly elephant Bubbler toy for toddlers 36 months and older
  • Just add water and soap, then blow to create a fun bubble train
  • One-way mouthpiece prevents accidental swallowing of bubbles or soap
  • Elephant trunk is removable and super easy to clean
  • Safe bubble blowing fun in or out of the tub, no batteries required