Marbles Rock Me Archimedes – Balancing Board Game

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The laws of the lever take on a whole new meaning in rock Me archimedes, a high-tension, ultimate precision board game! Named for the Greek mathematician/ über genius who discovered the laws of the lever, rock Me archimedes was created by Matt Buchanan, who won the 2012 Marbles game design contest! To play this thrilling board game, you'll need strategy, skill and a little bit of luck! Race against opponents to be the first player to oh-so-carefully get four Marbles to your end of the board, without reaching the tipping point! Can you handle stakes This high? Test yourself, your family and friends with rock Me archimedes!
  • Rock Me Archimedes is the suspense-filled balancing game that tests players’ strategic thinking in a whole new way! Play with family and friends!
  • Named after the Greek mathematician, this game uses the laws of the lever to create balance! Race against opponents to be the first to send 4 Marbles to your end of the board!
  • Playing rock Me Archimedes engages visual perception and decision-making skills, requiring players to think critically. Not just addictive, this game is great for mental acuity!
  • Rock Me Archimedes if made for 2 players aged 8+.
  • Includes: 1 wooden rocker board, 1 wooden platform, 1 marble tray, 1 die, 12 black Marbles, 12 white Marbles