Kiwi Camp Dry Performance Fabric Protector, 10.5 oz

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Our Fabric Protector is perfect for repelling water, dirt and stains on all of your synthetic, nylon and Gore-Tex fabrics. With our unique, quick drying, non-silicone, fluro- polymer formula you can protect your outdoor things without having to worry about discoloring and breathability. For those who think a good time in the outdoors simply means hanging out in the backyard with family and friends, there is no-better way to protect your outdoor furniture than by covering it with KIWI Camp Dry. Just think of the money and time you will save knowing your furniture will look great, last longer and be easy to care for year after year. And there’s more, when it comes to everyday living KIWI is ideal for apparel such as coats jackets, fleece hats and gloves. A great way to ensure the kids stay warm and dry as they walk to school or play outside with their friends.

  • Non-silicone polymer. Repels water, dirt, and oil stains from all types of fabric and apparel, including performance fabrics (Gore-Tex)
  • Maintains appearance and breathability of all fabrics and high performance materials like Gore-Tex
  • Ideal for all apparel such as coats,jackets,fleece,hats,glove,ski wear and light colored footwear.
  • New can and cap design delivers greater sustainability, benefits-less steel and plastic
  • Contains 3 cans