Bazic Beauty Luxury Bath Salt Bag 4lb

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SOOTHES MUSCLES & ENHANCES THE SKIN: An Epsom Salt bath can alleviate muscle pain, treat aching feet, eliminate toxins, cleanse the pores, and improve the skin. Known for its astounding therapeutic benefits, Epsom Salt can be used to make DIY lotions, bath bombs, scrubs, and other beneficial products.

  • RELIEVE SORE MUSCLES & TIRED FEET: Pure Epsom salt has remarkable therapeutic qualities that serve as a natural way to revitalize muscles, ease aches or pains, and soothe tired feet.Bazic Luxury soak is perfect for relief after working out or spending all day on your feet.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Add 2–3 teaspoons of Epsom Salt to warm water. Soak the inflamed foot or joint for about 30 minutes.
  • Premium Qulity Epsom Salt